Handwriting Improvement

Handwriting Improvement Courses

 Eligibility Criteria:  L.KG onwards

 Handwriting: Basics of handwriting(Pen/pencil holding, seating position), strokes, presentation skills that all which one can achieve better progress in academics,   documentation, projects etc.

  • Devanagari देवनागरी:
    • संस्कृत Script
    • मराठी Script
    • हिंदी Script
  • English:
    • Script
    • Cursive Script
    • Pre-Cursive Script
  • Calligraphy:
    • Eligibility Criteria: 3rd grade and onwards

          Content of Course :

            strokes, Curves, Patterns, Designs, artistic and creative skills, presentation skills, Lettering, etc.
      • Intermediated
      • Advance

Frequently Asked Questions

Handwriting from 3rd grade and above and calligraphy from 6th grade and above.

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